A Birthday Wish

Constance is ready to depart Grey House, but before leaving, she thanks Cassie for providing her a place to relax and helping her learn the importance of taking time for herself. She promises she will be back. After she departs, Sam stops by to introduce her to Liam. Liam and Cassie share a laugh and tell Sam they met earlier when Sam stopped by her shop looking for directions. Cassie says she needs to take off to celebrate Grace’s birthday but looks forward to getting to know Liam better now that he is moving to Middleton for good.

Back at Grey House, Grace and Cassie share a slice of birthday cake by the fireplace. Grace presents Cassie with her own Foundation Stone and says they can place them in the park together. Grace also brings out The Wish Book and says she knows her mom didn’t have the opportunity to make a wish in the book. Cassie is okay with that, because she wrote her wish down somewhere else. She brings out an envelope that she has kept in her jewelry box, and inside, the note reads, “A life filled with love.” Cassie tells Grace it is a wish that comes true every single day. Meanwhile, Grace’s wish in The Book reads, “A perfect moment with just me and my mom.” Her wish has come true, too!

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