A Birthday Wish

Sam stops by Grey House to drop off another empty inventory box for Cassie and lets her know he really wants her to meet Liam while he is in town. Later on, Liam stops by Cassie’s shop looking for directions, not putting two and two together that she is Sam’s girlfriend.

That evening, Cassie is surprised to find that a new guest at Grey House, Constance, has rearranged all the cupboards. Cassie reminds her that she is on vacation and she needs to relax. She requests Cassie give her a cupboard for her own ingredients so she can make her own meals. Later, Constance discovers an old recipe catalog that she would love to work with. She sends Cassie out with a shopping list for ingredients she will need and Cassie obliges.

Martha calls Grace into her office to present her with a foundation rock for her birthday. This rock will help her establish her presence in Middleton, forever. All Grace has to do is write her name on the bottom of the stone as a way of leaving her mark on the town. When Martha attempts to show Grace where her own foundation rock is located in the park, they run into Cassie. She’s delighted to hear about Grace’s honor from the mayor and looks forward to catching up when Grace gets home. Unfortunately, Martha can’t find her rock and tells Grace she needs to think long and hard on where she’ll place hers.

Grace stops by the Bistro, and Stephanie invites her to the day spa as a birthday present. Abigail overhears the invite and wants in on the fun. When Stephanie walks away, Abigail asks Grace if she knows her wish, yet. When Grace says she is still thinking of it, she asks Abigail what her wish was, only to have her dodge the question. Grace says she will just find out when she opens the book on her birthday, and she will find out what her mom’s wish was, too. Abigail is shocked and tells Grace that Cassie has no wish in the book. She was in foster care when it was her time to make a wish, so she never had the chance to write one down.