We're Not Losing a Son...

Later that night, Trace and Leigh sit outside his cabin talking about their current situation. Leigh insists that she’s not trying to drag Trace back to Nashville, but she wants to know why he’s so willing to throw all their hard work away. Trace says that the two of them are no good together and in the ensuing argument, it’s revealed that a mistake Trace made almost killed someone. Leigh tells Trace that he needs to forgive himself, but Trace can’t move on. Leigh offers to stay, if Trace thinks that will help. Upon hearing those words, Trace cannot speak, only stare at her, showing her the pain that he’s feeling inside.

The next morning, Abby drives through town, running a series of errands. She sees Trace’s pickup parked outside of Sally’s Café and decides to stop in and see what he’s up to. But when she walks into Sally’s, Abby finds that Trace is not alone and is as surprised to see Leigh as Trace is to see Abby. Abby introduces herself and Leigh invites her to sit down. Abby thanks her for the invitation, but she already has plans to spend the day with her girls. The two women exchange awkward small talk before Abby makes a hasty exit. Leigh then turns to Trace and asks if Trace and Abby are seeing each other again. Trace quite unconvincingly tells her no, they are just friends. Leigh then asks how long he and Abby were together and what happened that ended their relationship. Uncomfortable with her questions, Trace tells Leigh that maybe they should skip brunch. Leigh refuses to let up and says that after all they’ve been through they should be able to talk about this. Trace relents and tells Leigh that Abby left him over 16 years ago and chose a different life. Leigh tells him that Abby’s plan obviously didn’t work out since she’s now divorced. Her glib response makes Trace even more uncomfortable and this time, Leigh agrees to let it go. Instead, she grabs his hand and asks if he’s got room for one more friend.

At the end of the day, the O’Briens sit together for family dinner. As Abby and Jess bring out the last of the food, the phone begins to ring. In unison, the girls, Mick and Nell shout “no phones at the table.” The ringing stops and they all sit down to bless the food. But midway through Nell’s prayer, Mick’s phone begins to ring. He mutes the call and Nell continues her prayer. Nell finishes the prayer just as the phone beings to ring again. This time Mick gets up and takes the call. On the other end of the phone is a liaison from the military. While details are scarce, the military lost contact with Kevin’s FST unit and at this moment, he is now listed as missing in action.

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