We're Not Losing a Son...

In New York, Megan sits at a busy café waiting for Connor. Connor arrives and apologizes for being late. The noise in the café makes conversation difficult, but Megan is able to learn that Connor lives across the street and is leaning towards practicing criminal law. While completely disengaged through most of their conversation, the mention of Connor’s brother Kevin causes a distinctive change in Connor’s attitude. After Megan tells Connor that his brother is on his last deployment, Connor sarcastically cracks a joke about Kevin being a conquering hero. The snide remark is more than Megan can stand and she demands Connor explain himself. Instead, he quickly dismisses her concerns and tries to end the meeting a quickly as possible.

After lunch, Megan crosses the street to Connor’s apartment. As Connor escort her inside, he remarks that he never expected her to visit. Megan tells him that he’s never invited her to his apartment. When Megan walks in, she finds the place in complete shambles. She jokingly remarks that it’s not bad for rent free. Her mocking tone immediately sets Connor off and he begins to berate his mother. Surprised by his response, Megan asks him why he is so mad at her, but Connor is unable to stop himself. Her son’s anger brings Megan to tears and she angrily grabs her bag, tells Connor that this was a mistake and walks out. Megan hurries out and down the stairs, leaving Connor to feel a terrible wash of emotions.

Back at the B&B, Jess and Bree hop in the golf cart and discuss telling Abby about Leigh. While skeptical at first, Bree is starting to worry that something may be going on between Leigh and Trace. Just then, as they come around a corner, Abby jumps from behind a tree, scaring Jess and Bree half to death. After a good laugh at her sister’s expense, Abby jumps in the cart and they all drive over to the main house. When they arrive, Bree finally breaks down and tells Abby about Leigh. To Bree and Jess’s surprise, Abby isn’t mad about Leigh’s arrival or that Trace hadn’t mentioned her. Instead, Abby appreciates her sisters telling her but insists that she and Trace are still just friends.