We're Not Losing a Son...

After realizing he’d forgotten something at his cabin, Trace returns home and immediately notices that Axel is no longer outside where he left him. Inside Trace hears Axel barking and when he runs in to find out how he got in, he finds the woman from the BMW sitting on his bed. His first word to her is, “Seriously!” The woman, Leigh, is a song writer who was part of Trace’s band, but the two have had little contact since Trace left Nashville. What’s more, while in Nashville, Trace and his band were signed by a record label, but Trace’s departure has left them all in breach of contract and the label is not willing to just let them walk away. Trace tells Leigh that he’s done and he’s not going back to Tennessee. He tells her that he’s got to go back to work, grabs his tools and, before leaving, tells her she can’t stay at his place.

Later in the day, Jess sits in the grass while struggling to put together lawn chairs. Behind her, Leigh drives up looking to book a room. Jess tells her that she’s not open yet, but Leigh has been everywhere else in town and this is her last resort. When she tells Jess that she’s in town from Nashville, Jess’s attention is immediately sparked. Jess asks if she knows Trace and Leigh explains that she is a song writer and that she and Trace were in a band together. As Leigh talks, Jess suddenly realizes that she recognizes Leigh’s name from Trace’s first album. Jess is a little star struck and immediately offers Leigh a room.

After unloading her bags, Leigh takes a seat on the deck and begins to sing and play her guitar. Jess sits in the doorway watching Leigh play and is so captivated by her voice that she doesn’t notice Bree walk up behind her. Initially startled by Bree, Jess grabs her sister and pushes her down the hallway. Jess gushes about the star in her midst and can’t understand why Bree doesn’t see her arrival as a big deal. At first Bree is confused as to why Jess is making such a big deal over Leigh but Jess then explains the she thinks Leigh is in town for Trace. Realizing what going on in her sister’s head, Bree turns and heads back to the cottage. Jess’s over excitement has done something Bree couldn’t do for herself…convinced her to go back to writing.