We're Gaining a Daughter

At his cabin in Chesapeake Shores, Trace is upbeat as he roughhouses with Axel. Leigh arrives, confused and excited about a text message she received from Trace. Despite all the lingering pain from his time in Nashville, Trace has decided to team up with Leigh to make their long-awaited duet album. Leigh is thrilled, but Trace does have conditions. He’ll need the money upfront and he won’t record any of the songs he wrote on his own. Leigh loves the songs he’s written, but she’s willing to make that sacrifice. Lastly, Trace commits to working night and day with Leigh to make the album but this project will be the last project that he and Leigh do together. Hearing this Leigh throws a look at Trace, grins and tells him, “We’ll see about that.”

With the agreement, Trace tells Leigh that he’ll need a few weeks before he can return to Nashville. He then reveals to Leigh that while he’s in Chesapeake Shores, he wants to turn the warehouse into a music venue, complete with a recording studio upstairs. Leigh then leans in and kisses Trace. As her lips touch his, Trace pulls back and tells Leigh that this is about meeting their obligations and finishing the album. Leigh smiles and gives Trace an “uh-huh” before leaving him to contemplate the deal he’s just made.

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