We're Gaining a Daughter

Later in the day, Nell drives out to the church in search of some spiritual guidance. Before walking into the church she pauses at the headstone of her late husband. In her pocket she removes the antique ring Trace had found days earlier. Nell holds the ring to her heart before kissing it tenderly and placing it on top of the headstone.

Inside, surrounded by the scaffoldings and drop cloths used for the renovations, Nell takes a seat in an empty pew. In front of her sits Pastor Hayden, who turns to face Nell. As they talk, Nell confesses that her heart and spirit are heavy for her grandson Kevin. Attempting to reassure Nell, Pastor Hayden tells her that they’ve prayed for Kevin and that she must now trust and let the situation be. His answer is unacceptable. She points out to the pastor that when her husband died 17 years ago, she prayed and let it be. She then tells pastor Hayden that she has no intention of repeating the process for her grandson.

Back New York, as they head into the hearing, Abby’s lawyer preps her on what to expect. She explains that despite their attempts to be amicable, in this situation, Wes is her enemy. Abby’s hopes that they are able to come to a shared custody agreement but with Wes petitioning for full custody, Abby could lose her rights all together.