Secrets, Lies and School Supplies

Mick takes a moment to catch-up with Bree and asks if she really has plans to move back to Chicago. She is still skeptical about the move after seeing all the changes her ex-boyfriend wants to make to the play. Mick then surprises her with a brand new laptop for her to continue her writing on while she is staying in Chesapeake Shores. He tells Bree that she is an amazing writer and she should not forget that. He also reminds her that she always has a home to come back to if she needs to ever start over on a blank page.

The family all gathers with their lanterns in hand, ready for the “Illuminating of the Bay.” Megan joins them on their walk. They get one extra surprise on their walk-- Gram has returned from Ireland. She tells Mick that his brother reached out to her and she is not going to let their feud destroy their family.

The community gathers at the shores and Trace meets Abby there, and she introduces him to Carrie and Caitlyn. When the girls ask if it is Trace’s first lantern festival, he tells them no; his father used to take him every year when he was a kid, but this year his father couldn’t make it. Carrie hands her lantern over for Trace to light, and Abby is pleased that their first meeting has gone well.

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