Secrets, Lies and School Supplies

Mick pays Megan a visit and welcomes her back to Chesapeake Shores with flowers. She apologizes that Mick had to find out about her move through his daughters. He asks Megan to think about the real reason she is moving back. Was it for her kids, or for herself?

The next morning Connor and Kevin tell Mick that they decided to not be roommates, which was their initial plan since both announced they were moving back to Chesapeake Shores. Mick was in the middle of reading Bree’s plays and informs his sons that the play is good, but unfortunately Martin wants her to make big changes before it is ready for the stage. Mick says he would like to stick around for a game of basketball, but he has to spend more shopping time with his granddaughters.

Back in Nashville, Trace pays John a visit. John, now confined to a wheelchair, tells Trace he doesn’t want an apology and wants him to leave. He also lets Trace know he didn’t write that letter for the judge as a favor to Trace. He did it for himself, to help move on. John also lets Trace know he showed his true colors when he left the band and headed back to Chesapeake Shores. John tells his former friend that he wants nothing to do with him.

Abby gets news that her company has taken on the O’Brien trust and she informs her father that she wants to talk to him further about his land development deals. He agrees, but right now, he wants Abby to get the girls ready for the lantern festival.