Secrets, Lies and School Supplies

Later that evening, Megan returns to town and surprises Jess at her bed and breakfast to announce she is moving back to Chesapeake Shores. A skeptical Jess wants to know why, and Megan says she wants to be closer to all of her kids. Jess wonders why her mother could not have made that decision when the kids were younger, instead of running off to New York. When Megan tries to explain that it’s time to make it right with her children, Jess says it is too late and storms off. Jess desperately tries to call Abby, to no avail.

Meanwhile, Trace and Abby grab some alone time, and he reveals how scared he is for his father. He pulls Abby into a kiss and tells her that being with her is the best decision he ever made.

The next morning Jess interrupts Abby’s jog to tell her about their mother’s moving announcement. Abby tells her sister she already knows about the move, and an angry Jess storms off because she was left in the dark.

In Nashville, Trace meets with the judge and attorney in his case. The judge tells Trace that moving out of state is no excuse for not returning to Tennessee for arraignment. Trace has to return to the courthouse in two days for his arraignment.

Back in Chesapeake Shores, Mick shares with his granddaughters the story of the Lantern Festival, “Illuminating the Bay,” and what it means to the town. A man named Norm joins their table in the park and tells Mick he works for Mick’s brother, Thomas. He wants to discuss his brother’s business and land development deals. Mick excuses Norm, saying he doesn’t talk about work during his time with his granddaughters. Norm heads to his car and drives away.