Second Chances

Back at the O’Brien house, Connor and Kevin race along shoreline in Nell’s eclectic cart. Hours before Kevin, on crutches, emerged from the dining room for the first time since he arrived home. Still wincing in pain as Connor drives the cart across the beach, Kevin is still thrilled to be enjoying a semblance of normalcy again. After a while Connor steers the cart into the woods and the brothers arrive below the tree fort they built as kids. Connor helps his older brother climb the ladder into the fort. The two reminisce about their childhood and, as they do, Kevin suddenly begins to think about Afghanistan. Seeing the change in his brother’s expression, Connor asks him what happened. Staring off blankly into the distance Kevin tells him that his convoy hit an IED in the road. Suddenly painful memories of that day rush over him and Kevin tells Connor that he doesn’t really want to talk about it.

Back at the B&B, Bree arrives as Jess sets the table for dinner. Jess’s phone died so she never got the message that Bree wanted her to come over for dinner with David, the new guy she’s been dating. As David emerges from the kitchen, Bree turns and instantly recognizes him as the handsome young man she met at the lending library. She nervously tries to play off the fact that she already met David and felt they had a romantic connection. Confused at first, David plays along and pretends that this is his and Bree’s first meeting. When Jess goes inside to get some wine, David asks Bree what’s going on. She tells him that Jess likes him and he tells her that he likes Jess. Realizing that she totally misread their first meeting, Bree decides not to press the issue and instead the two sit in awkward silence.

As afternoon settles over the O’Brien house, Georgia approaches Megan, who’s outside tending the garden. They make small talk but are suddenly interrupted by the squeal of Nell’s electric golf cart. As the cart races into the driveway, Connor frantically yells for his dad. Connor pulls up next to Megan and Georgia and they nervously ask if something’s happened to Kevin. Connor tells them that as they were climbing down the tree ladder of the tree fort, Kevin lost his grip and fell to the ground. Connor tells Megan to get Mick and bring him to the tree house, meanwhile, Connor grabs Georgia and the two speed off to help Kevin. When they arrive, they find Kevin sprawled on the ground. Georgia runs to his injured leg to asses the damage. Mick and Megan arrive moments later, but the extent of the injuries and Kevin’s future prognosis seem more unsure than ever.

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