Second Chances

A short time later, Megan trudges her suitcase up the driveway to the O’Brien house. She’d tried earlier to bridge the gap between her and Jess, but Jess is still not ready to forgive her mother. Now, as she makes her way up the long driveway, Mick drives up beside her in his truck and asks her if she’d like a lift. Frustrated, Megan asks Mick for advice on how to deal with Jess. As they talk, Mick reminds her that she is the parent that left. Angered, Megan accuses Mick of being the reason she left. Not wanting to revisit this argument, Mick starts the truck and begins to pulls away, leaving Megan yelling after him. A few feet ahead Mick stops the truck and jumps out, angrily accusing Megan of leaving without even trying to work on their marriage. Megan tells him she had to make a choice, between moving the kids from their lives in Chesapeake Shores and fleeing their failing marriage. Mick knows Megan didn’t want to stop being a mother, but he also had to do what he could to hold his family together. He turns to walk away when Megan shouts at him, asking if he told Kevin he couldn’t come see her after 9/11. Confused, Mick turns to her and says of course, the city was on lockdown and Kevin was still just a kid. Megan tells him that he never mentioned it to her and frustrated, Mick tells her that she should talk to Kevin. With nothing left to say he turns, gets into the truck and drives off.

Nearby at the cottage, Bree tearfully tells her sister about her breakup with Martin. Jess is distracted as she playfully searches for the perfect scarf to wear on her date. Jess’s date is the first guy she’s met who didn’t grow up with her in Chesapeake Shores. Hearing Jess’s excitement makes Bree smile and also reminds her of the very handsome guy she met while stocking the lending library. Bree tells Jess about the stranger and that aside from being cute, he made her feel better about herself than she has in a very long time.

Later in the day, Trace calls Abby and asks her if she’s free to stop by his cabin. When she arrives they talk about his music and his family, but Abby can sense that something bigger is bothering Trace. Suddenly Trace becomes emotional and tells Abby that he hasn’t been completely honest with her and is finally ready to reveal what happened to him in Nashville. While driving to a gig, Trace was speeding and hit an oncoming car. Everyone in the band walked away from the accident with minor injuries except Trace’s bass player John. Despite multiple surgeries, doctors say John may never walk again. That John is also a husband and father has only compounded Trace’s sense of guilt. As Trace tearfully confesses, Abby hugs him, telling him that it will be okay. As the two embrace, Trace breaks down and begins to cry uncontrollably.