Abby returns to her and Trace’s favorite beach spot, where Trace finds her taking a dip in the water. He asks when she is heading back to New York and she tells Trace about her Baltimore job offer. Abby wants to revisit their kiss and before they have a moment to address it, Fourth of July fireworks set off over their heads. Once Abby realizes the time, she heads to the city center to join her family for the fireworks show. She tells her father about her job offer and he thinks it’s a great idea to move back to Chesapeake Shores. The moment is interrupted when a taxi pulls up and Mick’s ex-wife and Abby’s mother Megan, walks out. Mick confesses that he called Megan, and when asked why, he says, “Sometimes you have to go back and make peace before you can go forward.” Megan’s presence is met with hugs from her granddaughters and daughters. The ultimate surprise comes when the O’Brien’s deployed son, Kevin also pulls up in a taxi.

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