The next morning, Jess and Abby’s sister Bree arrives at the house from Chicago. She is met with coldness from Mick. The sisters all bond over their lousy relationships with men and how it is all related to their father. Bree tells Abby and Jess that she is planning on staying in Chesapeake Shores until Nell has made a complete recovery. Their conversation turns juicy when the sisters want to know all the details about Abby’s night with Trace, including their kiss.

The next morning in the O’Brien house, Carrie and Caitlyn are in the kitchen making breakfast. The girls tell Abby it was grandma who taught them how. Abby heads out to Baltimore to host a very important business meeting at her work branch. Back at the house, Mick and Nell have a frank conversation about Nell’s health. She points out that Mick should focus less on Nell’s health and more on making amends with his three daughters. He doesn’t think a rift exists, but Nell points out that Mick was always a workaholic throughout their entire lives and he should now build a future and legacy with his children.

Back in Baltimore, Abby is shocked when she receives a job relocation offer after her meeting. She mulls over the conversation in her head as she heads back to Chesapeake Shores.

Jess visits her bed & breakfast to find Mick working on just a handful of the repairs that need to be done. Mick tells Jess he wants to patch up his relationship with her and make up for lost time. Bonding over all the bed & breakfast repairs is a good start.