The next morning Abby heads back to the beach shack to see Trace. She tells him she missed her flight back to New York City but he knows there is something more than that. She confesses that her life has been a lie. Despite having the high-powered job and daughters who are attending the best schools and get the best grades, she is still not happy. She admits to Trace that she was a coward when she left him all those years ago without saying goodbye. Their conversation is interrupted by Jaqueline, an attractive woman who Trace has agreed to go paddle boarding with. Abby takes it as her cue to leave. When she heads home, she is shocked to see an ambulance at the house taking Nell away.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Mick receives an update that Nell passed out due to low blood sugar. Both Abby and Jess are happy to hear she will be fine, but Abby agrees she should probably stay at Chesapeake Shores until her gran makes a full recovery.

That evening she calls Wes to talk about their girls. She asks why they are under the impression that they will be moving in with Wes and his girlfriend, Gabrielle. He assures Abby that it is about moving the girls to Brooklyn and saving money on private schools. She hangs up on Wes when Trace pulls up on his motorcycle to check in on Nell’s condition. When Abby brings up Jaqueline, Trace assures her the two are not dating but he does enjoy seeing Abby jealous. After seeing how upset Abby is when talking about her conversation with Wes, Trace takes her to their favorite beach.

While at the beach, Trace admits he went to New York to try to win Abby back. When Trace found out Abby was engaged, he turned around and went back home. After that he moved to Nashville to pursue his singing career. He tells Abby that Nashville left him unfulfilled and that is why he returned to his hometown. The mood is lightened when Trace invites Abby to join him for a swim. She takes the plunge and the two share a kiss in the water. After Trace drops her off at home, she goes through a box of all the cards and love letters from her teenage relationship with Trace.