In the evening, the family gathers around for fresh crab, and Abby spends her time on the phone arranging her work schedule, despite her father’s wishes that she put the phone away. She opens up to Jess that she has no time for dating and has even forgotten how to flirt.

On Sunday morning, Abby hits the ground running, literally, taking a beach jog. She is joined by Trace for a brief moment before he leaves her in the dust. Finally, the two are able to catch up about their current life, including the fact Trace moved back to Chesapeake Shores six years ago to recharge his batteries. He moved into the beach shack, the house that he and Abby dreamed of living in when they were teenagers in love. Abby’s father sold the house to him.

Abby confronts her father about selling the beach shack to Trace and he says that Trace had the money and the dream to fix the place up. She decides to surprise Trace with a visit to the shack. She opens up to Trace about her failed marriage to her ex-husband, Wes, and her life as a single mom.

After Abby leaves the shack, she heads home for dinner, where tensions arise as Abby’s daughters discover that their favorite nanny has quit. Nell and Mick are witnesses when the little girls reveal they know more than they should about Abby and Wes’s custody agreement with their daughters. Mick offers up some of his own parental advice to Abby and she doesn’t react so kindly. Their argument brings up some harsh memories of Abby’s own mother, who ran off to the big city leaving three daughters and son with workaholic Mick to raise. Abby points out just how dysfunctional their family really is, especially when it comes to all the siblings who are currently estranged from Mick.