It's Always Nashville

Back in Chesapeake Shores, Bree and Jess are at Wordplay where Bree is struggling with second thoughts about buying the bookstore. Abby and Jess both assure Bree that she’s made the right decision. Bree’s doubts are heightened by her upcoming book club event that still doesn’t haveit’s featured guest.

Out a the O’Brien trust, Thomas and Mick walk through the gounds while diving into the roots of their estranged relationship. The next day, Mick heads to Abby’s to ask her management company will finance his development project, despite Thomas’ threats. In the end, Abby tells her dad that her company will back the project because she’s sure that in the end, he will make the right decision on how best to proceed.

Later that night, a crowd has gathered at the bookstore, ready to meet Simon Atwater. Bree is about to break the bad news that Simon isn’t coming when, to her stunned surprise, Simon walks in the door. He gets settled in and starts reading a chapter of his book to the eager audience.

Back in Nashville, Mark plays the newly produced single for Trace. Trace immediately notices that Leigh’s vocals have been cut out of the song entirely. Mark tells him he wants to market Trace as a solo act. Trace implores Mark to keep Leigh as his writing partner. Mark is firm in his decision and tells Trace Leigh can be his writing partner, but she has no place on stage singing with him. Trace admits that he’s not comfortable with the decision but Mark warns him that he won’t get another a second chance.

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