It's Always Nashville

Bree and Jess arrive in Baltimore to try and convince author Simon Atwater to come to Chesapeake Shores for a meet and greet at Bree’s book club. The meeting doesn’t go as planned and both sisters fumble their words. Embarassed, the run out of the room before tihngs get any worst.

Later that night, Kevin arrives at the fire station, ready for his date. When he arrives, he quickly realizes his date with Sarah will happen with the entire of the fire department crew. The firefighters are Sarah’s family and they are very protective. Unfortunatly for Kevin, the date is cut short when a fire alarm goes off and the entire department take off.

In Nashville, Trace and Leigh are grabbing a drink and rehashing their long day of recording. Trace thanks Leigh for believing in their music. Their conversation is interrupted when Abby calls Trace to ask how the recording is going. Leigh stares longingly at Trace while he is on the phone with Abby.

The next morning, Trace and Leigh meet with Mark who tells the duo that he believes that Trace is lacking emotion when he’s singing. Mark tells Trace to think about the one person he wants the most and let the raw emotion come through when he’s singing. As Trace begins to sing, Leigh’s realizes that Trace is no longer singing with her in his heart.