It's Always Nashville

Nearby, Kevin stops at the firehouse to finally ask Sarah out for a date. Before accepting, she wants to know why Kevin didn’t called her the first time. He tells her that it was all about timing. He smiles and tells her thathe’ll tell her more about it over dinner. She smiles and accepts the invite.

At the Palace Hotel, Trace spots his former base player John, sitting at the bar. Trace invites John to rejoin the band but John balks at the idea. John hasn’t forgiven Trace for the accident that devastated his life. John grabs his crutches and angrily walks away. Just then, the emcee calls Trace and Leigh to the stage to perform, leaving John to look on.

Later in the day, Abby finds her dad looking over the progress of Trace’s club. Cornered, she asks to know the truth about his relationship with Thomas. He tells her that when their dad died, both his sons received half of the trust, but it was Mick who was placed in control of the trust. Ever since then, the two brothers began to grow apart and Thomas began blaming Mick for everything that ever went wrong in his life.

Back in the studio, Leigh and Trace are back in the studio working on their song. Mark is growing more and more frustrated by what he hears and tells them he doesn’t feel any love in their song.