It's Always Nashville

At the bookstore, as Megan thumbs through a hot new romance novel, Bree talks to her mom about her new future. Jess walks in with an idea to drum up business. She suggests her sister host a reading groups at the store. She suggests the first group discuss the new romance novel that’s been flying off the shelves. Bree isn’t sure she wants to follow her sisters plan so Jess makes up her mind for her and gleefuly begins planning the reading group.

At her office, Mick meets with Abby to talk about his plans for the O’Brien trust. Abby warns her father that Thomas is threatening to tie up the project with lawsuits and the road ahead will be difficult. Mick is sure Thomas’ threats will come to nothing but he is concerned about his daughter. Abby admits that her relationship with Trace is weighing heavy on her mind. Mick knows his daughter is troubled and gives her a comforting hug.

Back in Nashville, Trace and Leigh are had at work recording their single. Mark is not a fan with what he is hearing and ends the session early. Afterwards, while the duo are unsure about the session, they are content to be back in Nashville. They decide head to the Palace Hotel to see if they’ve come far enough to be called up on stage to perform.

At Sally’s, Abby meets with Thomas to find out when his relationship with her father began to sour. He tells her that he and Mick just drifted apart shortly after their dad died.

At the bookstore, the fliers Jess made are attracting attention. Bree reads over the flier and sees that Jess has promised a meet and greet with the author of the best-selling romance novel, Simon Atwater. Bree is stunned that her sister has printed a lie. Jess tells Bree that she has the situation under control since the author will be in Baltimore on a book tour. She tells Bree that they only have to do is go to his book signing and invite him to Chesapeake Shores. Jess is sure her plan will work while Bree is sure her sister has doomed her new business.