Home to Roost Part Two

Across town, Abby pulls into the church parking lot where Trace is working. He’d asked her to come by so he could apologize for his behavior at Jess’s grand opening party. While the protective side of Trace is comforting, Abby knows that she must make it clear to Trace that things are different now. With Wes fighting for custody, she has no choice but to put her girls first. Trace is sympathetic but he still thinks that the kiss they shared changed everything. However, in Abby’s mind, the kiss was a mistake. She’s tells him that she doesn’t have the luxury to act like a teenager and that for now, she and Trace must remain strictly friends.

Later in the day Mick stops by the church to check on Trace’s progress. As they talk, Mick acknowledges that things can’t be easy between Trace and Abby, but he’s sure his daughter has a good head on her shoulders and will figure out what she needs to do. In contrast, Trace says he tends to rely on his gut for big decisions. Mick isn’t surprised and assumes that’s how artists think. He tells Trace that if he had a head like Abby’s he’d see things differently and might even be working for his dad at the bank. Angered by Mick’s insinuation, Trace tells him that at some point, Abby stopped paying attention to a part of herself. He tells Mick about a mural Abby had painted on a wall at school. The wall was out of sight on the backside of the gym. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to anyone but Abby thought she could make something beautiful and it was important to her. Trace realizes from the look on Mick’s face that he doesn’t understand the point. Fed up, Trace thanks Mick and tells him that he’s got the job from here.

Back at the B&B, Bree finds Jess sitting on the back deck looking out at the shore. Despite pulling off a grand opening, Jess still isn’t ready to have guests and has no idea when she’ll be able to open and start making money. But Jess has one bright hope: her mom will be leaving soon and she can stop trying to avoiding her at every turn. Bree is sympathetic and goes on to say that that while she and her mother don’t have a great relationship now, she knows in her heart that her mom loves her. She also understands that because she was so young when their mother left, Jess can’t yet trust that their mother actually loves her. But Bree also knows things won’t get better for Jess unless she tries. Jess appreciates the sentiment, but she’s still not ready to let her mom back into her heart.