Home to Roost Part One

At the O’Brien house, Kevin sits outside waiting for his cab. Enjoying the sounds of the summer night, Kevin doesn’t see his sister Abby walking towards him. She sits next to him and asks if he’s scared to deploy again. He casually says “nah.” Abby asks why and he tells her that he was baptized a week ago. Abby’s surprised and asks if he told their dad. Kevin laughs and says he may tell him someday. He then tells Abby that if anything should happen to him, he doesn’t want his family to worry. The cab arrives and Kevin says his final goodbyes as Abby tearfully waves him off.

The next morning, as Jess makes her way downstairs, she finds her mother waiting for her. Megan asks Jess how she slept and Jess hurriedly tries to walk away. Megan then asks her what she dreamt about and Jess comes to an immediate halt. When Jess was young, her mother would ask her the same question every morning. Jess angrily turns to her mother and tells her she doesn’t want her asking about her dreams or making her bed. In Jess’s mind, Megan lost the chance to be a mother the second she walked out of her life. Jess storms out of the house, leaving her mother in tears.

Later in the day, Jess and her siblings are outside preparing for the grand opening of the B&B. Mick and Megan arrive from the beach with Abby’s girls. The girls run off to join in the festivities, leaving Mick and Megan alone together. Mick reveals to his ex-wife that he’s been thinking a lot about his dad lately. Mick is almost the same age as his father was when he died. Confronting his own mortality has made Mick realize how quickly time passes. As they talk, Bree runs toward them. The pipes in the kitchen and bathroom are spraying water everywhere and they desperately need his help to fix the emergency. Just then a car pulls into the driveway. It’s Abby’s ex-husband Wes, arriving to pick up the girls. He gets out of the car and he and Abby immediately begin to argue. Abby suspects his request to cut his child support payments has something to do with Wes’s new relationship. The tension between them quickly rises and Wes decides to leave. He tells Abby that he’ll be back in an hour to pick up the girls.