Home to Roost Part One

Back at the O’Brien house, as her family gathers inside, Megan stands at the door, deciding whether to knock or just open the door. As she does, Kevin opens the door and realizes that his mother is hesitant to enter the home she left so many years ago. Kevin heads out the door and tells his mom to go inside to join her family. As she walks in, Megan is immediately reminded of the happy days she spent there and of the tragic day when she told her family she was leaving. Hearing her granddaughters in the next room, Megan gathers her composure and makes her entrance. A moment later, Mick gathers the family to announce to them that he’s taking the summer off. Everyone is stunned as he explains that with Abby home and Jess opening the B&B, he wants to be home with the family. He hopes Bree and Connor will decide to spend the summer in Chesapeake Shores too. He then tells them all that he’s got one more surprise for them which he’ll reveal at the family lunch later in the day.

Morning turns to afternoon and the O’Brien family is out enjoying a beautiful day in Chesapeake Shores. Alone in the house, Nell calls her doctor for her test results. Unfortunately, her doctor is out of town and Gran is left to anxiously await his return. Hoping to pass the time, Gran heads outside for a drive around the shores. As she tries to start the car, Megan walks outside and takes an admiring look at the stunning natural beauty that surrounds her former home. She approaches her former mother-in-law and full of emotion, thanks Nell for being such a special part of the kids lives. Megan also reveals how painful it’s been knowing she’s missed out on her children’s lives. Nell tries to console her by telling Megan that she’s not the only one who missed out on the kids lives. She explains that Mick filled his life with work at the cost of spending time with his children.