Exes Mark the Spot

Just as Kevin and Jess finish their conversation, Megan walks in, putting on her coat, ready to leave. Before she walks out she stops to tell Jess how proud she is of all she’s accomplished. At first Jess just offers a halfhearted smile but then she feels compelled to speak. On the first night Megan stayed in the B&B, she asked Jess the same question she asked her every night when she was a little girl: “What did you dream about last night?” Jess is now ready to answer and she calmly tells her mother that she dreamt about the Citation. In the dream, Jess is on deck, watching the storm. When the ship goes down, she finds herself in the water, surrounded by her classmates’ screams for help. But just as it happened on the real Citation, Jess is unable to help any of them. She then tells her mother that in the four years since the incident, she has the same dream every night.

Sitting outside around the fire, the topic of conversation turns to Bree’s plans for the future. Since she and Martin broke up, Bree has been noncommittal about her plans to either stay in Chesapeake Shores or return to Chicago. But when Kevin directly asks her if she’s going back to Chicago, Martin takes the cue and stands to deliver an announcement. He leans in close to Bree and gives every indication that he’s finally going to propose. Bree begs him not to do this and David looks on, nervous and dejected. Then Martin tells Bree that The Stage Left Theater Company would like her to be this season’s playwright in residence. Bree is stunned into to silence as her family, realizing that it’s good news, begins to cheer for her success. Sitting adjacent to Bree, David lets a smile of relief wash over his face.

As the sun sets on the evening festivities, Trace is noticeably absent from the O’Brien family celebration. Early on during the party, he received a phone call that his father had been rushed to the hospital. Without saying a word to Abby, Trace took off in his truck to get to his father’s bedside. As he frantically speeds to the hospital, a state trooper pulls him over. The officer orders Trace to produce his driver’s license and orders him to stay in the car. A few moments later the officer returns and forcefully orders Trace out of the truck. Trace tries to explain that his father is in the hospital but the officer is not listening. He slams Trace against the side of the truck, pulls his hands behind him and places handcuffs around his wrists. Hey then reads Trace his Miranda rights before taking him into police custody.

As daylight turns to evening, Mick finally arrives back from his trip to Boston. All the other guests have left and only the O’Brien siblings are left around the fire. With all of his children sitting around him, Mick takes the time to tell them all how grateful he is for each of them. He starts by acknowledging how close they came to losing both Kevin and Jess. Mick tells them that it’s obvious to him that there is no stopping either of them. He then turns to Bree and again congratulates her on her new job and promises that wherever she goes, her family will always be there with her. To Connor, Mick acknowledges that the complexity of their relationship is due in part to the fact that the two are more alike than either of them realizes. Lastly Mick turns to Abby, his first born, and says that despite those who think she is following in her father’s footsteps, he sees her walking her own path. He then tells them all how proud he is of them and toasts them with a saying from his own father, “May we live as long as we want and never want as long as we live.”

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