Exes Mark the Spot

Having finally finished repainting the row boat, Connor runs inside the house to grab a drink. Sitting at the kitchen table, Kevin is taking a rare break from his physical therapy. Connor jokingly asks if he’s training for a marathon or planning to reenlist. Kevin is certain that his future doesn’t include a return to the military, and instead he’s decided to return to medical school in Baltimore. He then confides in his brother that he’s also decided that he’s not ready to get married. He admits to Connor that he’s scared of marriage, and that seeing Georgia leave filled him with a sense of relief. Those feelings convinced Kevin that while he loves Georgia, he’s not ready to be a husband.

Across town at Trace’s new music space, Abby stops by to tell him the news about Wes dropping his custody suit. Trace is thrilled for her and gives her a big hug, but as they celebrate, a familiar voice calls out to Trace from up in the rafters. To Abby’s surprise, she turns to see Leigh Corley staring down at her and Trace. Leigh says hello before continuing her thought about the possibilities for the space. Before Abby can say a word, Trace starts to explain how Leigh’s presence, but Leigh interrupts and begins to mock Trace’s anger at her. She tells them how excited she is that Trace finally has a venue and that she’s even more excited to start working on their final album. But despite her excitement, Leigh can also sense that she’s become a third wheel and abruptly leaves to go and get herself settled in town. As she leaves, Trace tells Abby that he had no idea Leigh was coming back. Abby takes a deep breath and calmly tells Trace that it’s okay.

Later in the day, David is busy at the B&B prepping food for the big party. As he does, a man stops in looking for Bree. David offers to show him the way to the cottage but the stranger tells him that he wants to surprise her. A few minutes later Jess arrives and finds Abby at the kitchen table peeling vegetables. She asks Jess who the guy is at Bree’s and Jess grabs her handy binoculars to take a look. She instantly recognizes the guest as Martin Demming, Bree’s ex who cheated on her. David also mentions that Martin left his bags at the front door, but Jess points out that they could be Leigh Corley’s. Abby is less than thrilled to hear that Leigh is staying at her sister’s B&B, but since the battle with Wes is over she feels confident that she can handle the situation. That is until Jess points out that Wes has just pulled into the driveway. Abby walks outside and Wes tells her that his car died on the highway and he needed a place to stay. Abby tells Wes that she’s is fine with him staying the night at the B&B and invites him to the party. Just as Wes walks inside, Trace pulls into the driveway. Abby then mutters under her breath, “Now it’s weird. And awkward.”

As the party gets underway, Kevin, Connor and Megan all arrive and take note of the unusual gathering of friends and family. Inside Kevin rummages through the refrigerator when Jess walks in. Jess produces a bag of s’mores but before they go back to the party Jess needs to get something off her chest. Despite Kevin’s assurances that he’s on his way to being back to his old self, Jess can see the truth. She knows Kevin won’t ever be the same, but she knows that in time, he will learn to live with his near death experience. Confronted with the truth, Kevin admits that despite all his attempts to shake off his fears, he knows she’s right. She tells him that there are stages to getting better but that no matter what, she’ll be there for him when he needs to talk.