Deals Undone

After the scene on the bumper boats, Jess and Bree decide that it’s time for the two of them clear the air about David. Before leaving the mini-golf park, Jess confronted Bree over her flirtatious attitude towards David, but with their mother and Abby looking on, they decided that was not the time to talk it out. Now, standing in the yard of the B&B, Jess reveals she knows that David was the guy Bree was gushing over from the lending library. Bree is hesitant to say she has feelings for him and even if she does, Jess is her sister and that trumps any feelings she could have for David. Having seen them together Jess doesn’t believe that Bree could just let David go, but she also doesn’t know if she really has feelings for him either. Bree tells Jess that the spark between her and David comes from their common interests, something Jess admits that she and David don’t have. But Jess has a surprise up her sleeve and she announces to Bree that she’s considering hiring David as a chef for the B&B. Neither sister knows how to respond to this news.

It’s nighttime when Trace and Abby arrive at the warehouse. Trace promised to take Abby dancing but when they arrive, she’s less than impressed. That is until Trace tells her that it’s the new music venue that he’s opening with her father. He then flips a switch and the room is illuminated with thousands of twinkling lights. Abby is stunned as Trace takes her by the hand and leads her onto the dance floor. They join hands and dance, looking deeply into each other’s eyes. Finally, as they draw closer together, Trace kisses Abby.

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