Deals Undone

Back at the mini-golf park, Jess, David and Bree are having a playful time on the park’s bumper boats. As they splash around David makes a reference to the literary classic “Moby Dick.” Bree immediately recognizes the quote and the two begin to laugh and talk about literature. Jess looks on silently, realizing that the two have far more in common than she does. Bree suddenly reads the expression on Jess’s face and quickly changes topics to the B&B. Jess plays along but having had her fill of bumper boats, she suggests they all go for some ice cream.

On the other side of the park, Connor sits with Investigator Whitcomb from the DOJ. Connor’s handed over a signed deposition from Wes stating that he’ll testify against Gabrielle. Investigator Whitcomb is suspicious of Connor and of Wes’ motives, but Connor points out to him that the investigation will ensure that Wes will never work in the financial industry again. And even with immunity, Wes will certainly have to do some kind of community service. Despite the argument Investigator Whitcomb points out that practicing law without a license is a serious, criminal offense. Fortunately, Connor prepared for that eventuality and reminds the investigator that he, Connor, never said he was an actual lawyer. Connor also points out that he’s helped hand over to the DOJ the mastermind of the entire scheme, Gabrielle. With no real need to push the issue any further, Investigator Whitcomb grabs his jacket and the deposition and leaves, meanwhile Connor heaves a big sigh of relief.

Back in town, Trace and Axel explore a large abandoned warehouse. While it’s not the space Trace was hoping to buy, he can immediately tell this venue has potential. As Trace looks around, Mick appears from out of the shadows. He tells Trace that the deal he’d put together for the other warehouse fell through and he’s decided to drop his bid. He is however interested in buying this place and he hopes Trace will consider going into business with him. Trace is surprised and unsure how a deal between them would work. But, as he stands in the warehouse he can see that the potential and realizes that that he’d be a fool to pass up this deal. Mick tells him that the place will need a lot of work, but after the work they put into the church, Mick’s sure they can make it happen. They agree to talk again once Mick returns from Boston and before he heads off, Mick turns and tosses Trace the keys to his new music venue.