Deals Undone

Along the waterfront at his cabin, Trace plays with Axel when an unexpected guest arrives. Lawrence Riley has only ever been to his son’s cabin twice and never by himself. Lawrence sits on the walkway with Axel, telling Trace that Mick was at the bank going over loan documents. While there, Mick told Lawrence about his plans to go into business with Trace. Trace tells his dad that Mick floated the idea past him but that he hasn’t said anything since. Slightly jealous that his son would consider working with Mick, Lawrence reminds Trace that 95% of small businesses fail in the first year. He then asks Trace to reconsider working at the bank with him. Trace flatly rejects the offer. Hurt, Lawrence then asks if it’s because Trace doesn’t like him. Trace is confused by his father’s response and, while he concedes that they are two different people, is unsure where his father’s feelings are coming from. He goes on to tell Lawrence that they’ve never connected as father and son but that’s no reason they should stop trying. Trace then asks his dad if he will reconsider his loan. After a pause Lawrence gives Trace a dejected look and tells him that there is nothing to reconsider.

Back at the O’Brien house the siblings are all gathered around the table enjoying breakfast. As they talk Kevin suddenly gets a painful cramp in his leg. Georgia looks at him and immediately suspects that he’s pushing himself too hard during his physical therapy. She asks the others if they can make sure he doesn’t overdo his PT and Connor volunteers. After the treehouse incident Connor seems an unlikely choice to handle Kevin’s well-being, and his siblings waste no time in laughing and joking at the mere notion. The joking is too much for Georgia and she angrily walks out of the room. Realizing that Georgia’s feelings are hurt, Jess volunteers to go talk to her. Outside with Jess, Georgia reveals that she’s afraid Kevin may be starting to show signs of PTSD. Jess offers to keep an eye on him and tells Georgia she knows what signs to look for. Georgia turns to Jess, dubious that she has any idea about PTSD or its signs. Jess looks at her and asks if Kevin told her about the Citation. Kevin told Georgia that the Citation was a ship Jess sailed during her senior year of High School but Kevin wouldn’t share any more of the story. So, with just the two of them, Jess begins her story.

A few hours after talking with Jess, Georgia takes the last of her bags to her truck and prepares to head home to Daytona. With Kevin’s recovery in full swing, Georgia had hoped to begin the life they had planned, but it’s clear to her that Kevin is not ready to leave his family. After hearing Jess’s story about the Citation, Georgia realizes that Kevin may need to stay in Chesapeake Shores to fully recuperate. Georgia tells Kevin that she’ll be waiting for him when he’s ready to come home to Daytona.