All Our Yesterdays

Connor gets the news that he passed the New York Bar Exam. His first order of business istoquit his job at the thankless firm he was working at in Baltimore. His boss is shocked at the news and tells Connor that no major firm will touch him after this decision. The two shake hands and part ways.

Bree is surprised to see Simon waiting for her at the bookstore. A confused Bree wants to know why he is there. Simon tells her he received a letter from Bree’s mother, saying her daughter loved his latest book. Bree is shocked to hear about the letter but quickly dismisses Simon and says she has to get back to doing inventory.

Abby decides to take a personal day from work and head to the beach with her daughters and Trace. She tells Trace it was a great idea to take the day off and he tells her she should have more days like this for herself. Trace also promises Abby that they are going to make it, despite all the obstacles in their way.

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