All Our Yesterdays

Mick tracks Thomas down and gives him the folder of opposition against the foundation. Thomas calls the paperwork garbage, but also acknowledges it would ruin his foundation. The two agree to grab a beer and talk. In the end, Thomas agrees to cancel the city hall forum and Mick agrees to keep the opposition against his brother’s foundation to himself.

Jess’s dinner turns into a disaster when everybody cancels on her. David decides to put together a meal of chicken parmigiana for two for them to enjoy. The next day, Jess finally gets the nerve to walk up and kiss him!

Taking Gran’s advice to re-build her relationships with her children, later that evening, Meg asks the kids to join them at the fire pit for s’mores. It’s just a small way for her to continue finding time to bond with them.

Back at the club, Trace is pleasantly surprised when his mom and dad stop by to enjoy the show. Trace grabs his guitar and gets up on stage and dedicates a song to them about getting over the past and moving forward.