All Our Yesterdays

Mick is at the city hall practicing his speech he will be giving later to fight for the land deal. Abby stops by to deliver some harsh opposition that her boss dug up on Thomas’s foundation. Mick takes one look at the folder and notes to Abby that this information will destroy Thomas’s foundation. Mick doesn’t want to use the information against his own brother, but Abby tells him he doesn’t really have a choice if he wants to win over the O’Brien land trust.

Later on in the afternoon, Kevin joins Sarah for some vigorous training at the fire department. The department is impressed with how strong Kevin is, and afterward he joins the crew for a celebratory beer for completing the course. Sarah tells him that she knows his passion is to become a doctor, but he would also make a good paramedic or fireman, too. Caught in the moment, he gives her a kiss in front of her colleagues. She politely excuses herself from the table and Kevin is left wondering if he did something wrong.

Abby is working tirelessly on the patio and Gran stops by to encourage her to play with her daughters. Abby says she is too busy to participate, but Gran reminds her granddaughter to take advantage of the important moments in life. Abby smiles and agrees and joins her daughters for playtime.