All Our Yesterdays

Mick and Abby are going over the O’Brien trust details and she notices her father is distracted.He confides that if the land dispute with his brother is taken to court, Mick knows he will win. When Abby wants to know what the problem is, he states that if he wins, he loses Thomas in his life.

Back in Baltimore, Connor is at work and gets a surprise visit from his boss. Connor is shocked to hear that the feedback from the partners is nothing but positive, and he is on a fast track to going places within the firm.

The remarks leave Connor feeling conflicted, since his fellow employees are exhausted and mistreated.

Meg helps Bree with inventory at the bookshop and wants to know where her daughter stands with Simon. Bree says she doesn’t plan on seeing him again, and when Meg wants to know why, Bree says her therapist calls it abandonment issues. She clearly needs to work on them before getting serious with someone. Their conversation is interrupted by Jess, who barges in saying she needs her big sister’s help at the inn. Bree shoos Jess away and says she is busy with inventory, but gives her sister a vote of confidence that she can manage it herself.