Season One Episode Guide

Episode 1: New Hope

Reunited sisters, Lillian and Grace encounter resistance against their just-open Orphanage from the townspeople. Having recently returned to town, Constable Gabriel reacquaints himself with neighbors. The town unites together despite potential danger when disaster strikes.

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Episode 2: From the Ashes

Grace and Lillian welcome Rosemary and Lee Coulter from Hope Valley. Nurse Maggie Parsons arrives in town. Tess’s tumultuous history with Lillian’s family complicates things and she continues to feud with one of her neighbors over missing livestock.

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Episode 3: Out of the Past

New evidence points Gabriel toward a suspect in the town fire” leading him to hunt for a fugitive. Grace takes a second job to make money for the orphanage, hoping to use the funds to help make the lives of the children in her care better than hers was growing up. Lillian tries to mend fences with Tess. Maggie settles into her job at the infirmary.

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Episode 4: Lost and Found

Lillian searches for an orphan's family member. Gabriel meets face to face with the bank robber who tried to kill him. Grace and Chuck grow closer but Tess orchestrates a scenario to extinguish their romantic spark. Maggie helps Joe with an old shoulder injury.

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Episode 5: A House United

Lillian and Grace are put to the test when a government worker arrives to inspect the orphanage and question Grace's past. Tess pauses her endeavor to buy a truck when Ronnie needs her help.

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