Shirley Bovshow's DIY Christmas Tree Watering Stick

Shirley Bovshow is going to revolutionize Christmas with her one of a kind DIY Christmas Tree Watering Stick!


  • 4’ – 5’ pvc pipe: $2
  • kitchen funnel: $1
  • red duct tape: $1
  • Christmas bow: $1
  • Christmas bells $2


  1. Measure from bottom of Christmas tree stand to top of rim where highest water level will be.
  2. Measure from bottom of PVC pipe with same measurement and mark and tape this line with painters tape.
  3. Paint this area with flat red paint, suitable for plastic. allow to dry.
  4. Wrap neck of funnel with waterproof glue tape and insert into your 4’ pvc pipe until secure.
  5. Cover the joint where funnel meets with red duct tape down the length of your pvc pipe so that it looks like candy cane striping.
  6. Wrap duct tape where red paint begins so that you can use the bottom of watering pole as a "dipstick" to measure how much water is in the stand without having to bend down to see!

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