Recap: Legend of the Fall - Season 1 - Episode 1

Recap: Legend of the Fall - Season 1 - Episode 1

Recap: Legend of the Fall - Season 1 - Episode 1

Following a tragic event, a renowned rodeo family must pick up the pieces to save their Colorado ranch.

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It’s morning at the McMurray ranch and Isabel and Missy are preparing a breakfast for champions. Austin, Valeria, and Tuff are present, prepping for the rodeo. Missy notices something is off with her husband Austin, who is about to compete.

Cash is Back - Ride

At the Rodeo, Missy doesn’t compete but as former Miss Rodeo Rocky Mountain, she takes one of the horses for a stunt to entertain screaming fans who cheer her on. Afterwards in the back pens, Missy is shocked when she spots Cash. He is carrying a large military duffel bag as he has just returned home from the Marine Corps. Subtle sparks fly as they embrace and exchange words. Cash asks about Austin and Missy is tight-lipped. Cash suggests that his brother isn’t the easiest person in the world, and she should feel comfortable talking to him. They are both shocked when Austin walks up on their conversation. He is upset to hear Cash trash-talking him to his wife when it’s the first time they’ve seen one another in years. When Austin departs, Missy goes after him as he’s about to compete.

In the stands, Isabel and Valeria look on. Missy joins them and Isabel asks about Austin. Missy tells her, he’s in his zone. Valeria gets a text and takes off in deep concern. Cash joins them and Isabel is over the moon to see him. They embrace as the announcer introduces Austin.

Outside the stadium, Valeria sees Austin, who should be inside as he was just introduced. He tells her that he needs her help or the family can be in a lot of trouble. He tells her he knows her secret and she’s the only one that can fix this. She sheds a tear and takes off.

Back inside, Austin appears. Before he competes, he makes an announcement that the Rodeo has decided to donate a portion of the night’s sales to help wounded vets in honor of his brother Cash’s return from overseas. Austin then highlights his mother Isabel, who raised three boys while running the McMurray Ranch, and mentions his wife Missy, his other brother Tuff and late father Dusty.

Austin ends his speech while his team prepares the bull. He lowers himself onto it and the chute opens for the bull to launch out. He holds on tight, but something is off. The bull throws Austin off headfirst and tramples him to death.

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One year later, Missy awakes in her bed to the sight of her wedding photo and Austin’s wedding ring. She puts on her usual, ripped jeans and muddy boots. In the kitchen, Isabel sips coffee while reading a foreclosure notice. She leaves it on the counter and Tuff finds it.

Outside he approaches new bullfighter Nic who is preparing to get in the ring. Nic tells Tuff to check on Cash, but Tuff says it is no longer his job.

Missy sees Cash and asks him if he’s ready for his first official ride. She tells him to make sure he’s doing it for himself and not the community. He asks Missy to watch him prepare as it would help him before he steps out in front of the big crowd. She agrees. He smiles and heads out to the bull.

Tuff joins Missy after witnessing their exchange. He learns that Missy has plans to leave. He’s not happy about it and believes she should stick around for the sake of family. Tuff informs Missy that the ranch is in jeopardy and hands her the foreclosure notice. She’s shocked.

Missy confronts Isabel to find out why she never told her that the ranch was in trouble. Isabel says she didn’t even tell Tuff. She lets Missy know that she doesn’t expect Missy to stay at the ranch to take care of her. Missy is conflicted about whether she should stay or go.

On the way to the Rodeo, Missy runs into Valeria, whom she hasn’t seen since Austin’s death one year ago. Through hurt and anger, she asks Valeria for answers. Valeria says she has her reasons and she’s in town because she has a race.

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At the Rodeo, Missy sees JB Wooten, who she heard is looking for a brand ambassador for Frontier Jeans. She interested in the position. He welcomes the idea but reminds her that the job is out of town in Houston.

Isabel and Cash are eating with Hank, the Mayor, and his daughter, Janine. He tells them that the McMurray Ranch and bull riding are the Hallmarks of the town and JB wants to sign Cash in order to stay in the McMurray business. Hank reminds Isabel that Cash can get the same deal Austin once had. Isabel doesn’t believe her son is for sale, but Cash sees it as a way to save the ranch.

A handsome man flirts with Missy and Janine catches it. She wonders how a grieving widow could be flirting so soon. Tuff overhears her and calls out her jealousy. He knows that she’s wanted to marry a McMurray for so long but never succeeded.

Hank pitches Cash to JB Wooten but he is reluctant. He wants to see Cash ride first. Cash invites him to watch him ride on the upcoming weekend and he looks forward to proving himself.

Valeria Returns - Ride

Valeria visits Isabel at the ranch. She attempts to offer an apology before Tuff and Missy walk in. They demand answers. She has none but she offers to help Isabel. Isabel welcomes her back into the fold.

Valeria, Tuff, Cash and Missy attend a Bonfire. Missy tells Tuff that JB invited her to a photoshoot. Tuff wonders if Cash knows yet. She approaches Cash to check on him. He’s in his thoughts about bull riding. She sits beside him, and they share a moment. He leans in close towards her. Before things go too far, Missy takes her leave.

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At Missy’s photoshoot, she’s shown a mockup of her pictures. She’s shocked to see that Austin’s face is part of the Fronter Jeans campaign – JB’s idea.

At the McMurray Ranch, Tuff tends to the cattle while Valeria tries to help him. He asks her to reason with him on her disappearance. She says she cannot and she’s staying silent to protect them. Valeria asks him why he is not bullriding anymore and he says it is because he didn’t protect Austin that night.

Making Moves - Ride

At the dance hall, Tuff and his band play. Valeria dances with Cash. Janine approaches Missy to tease her about Cash dancing with someone else. A handsome man named Gus approaches and interrupts. He walks Missy to the dance floor as Cash watches them, and Valeria notices. Cash reminds Valeria that Missy is his late brother’s girl. Valeria doesn’t buy it and tells him to make his move on her.

Julian, a young, handsome man, has been watching Tuff play. He approaches him and encourages him to get back in the arena.

Cash asks Tuff to play a slow song. When Janine asks him for a dance, he declines. He sees Missy and takes her for a dance instead. Missy tells him that she’s preparing to leave town for a new gig. Cash tells her she runs away when things become difficult, just like she did by the bonfire.

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At the ranch, Valeria overhears Isabel on the phone discussing selling the ranch. She tries to talk her out of it and begs Isabel to let her help her. She accepts despite there being a lot still unsaid between them.

Outside the Rodeo, Missy informs Valeria that she’s leaving to accept a job in Houston. This news, amongst other things, is hurting Cash who is prepping to ride. Isabel tries to stop the fight because she notices Cash is in the wrong headspace. Cash tells her he should’ve died in Austin’s place. She tells him that had nothing to do with him. Tuff offers to go in the ring with Cash.

Inside the stadium, Missy rushes over to Cash before his ride commences. She gives him a pep talk that encourages him. In 8 seconds, Cash rides the bull to safety. The crowd goes wild. The first person he clings to is Missy. Everyone looks on with cheers, including JB and Hank.

Isabel, Valeria and Missy are out riding horses. Isabel asks Missy to stay to be Cash’s coach. She notices that she is a great help to him when it comes to riding. The three agree to go on the journey of healing together as a family.