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Find out more about the characters and the McMurray family in the Hallmark Channel original series, "Ride."

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Tiera Skovbye stars as Missy McMurray

Missy was a former rodeo queen and trick rider, who came to live on the McMurray Ranch after she married the famous Austin McMurray. Missy knows more about bull riding than the best in the business, so she finds herself in the role of coach helping the McMurray sons to ride at the best of their abilities. As she balances her life on the ranch with a new, unexpected role, Missy works toward balance in her relationship with the McMurray family and her own future.

Meet Missy

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Beau Mirchoff stars as Cash McMurray

Cash is the brooding, second born McMurray brother, born in the shadow of the great Austin McMurray. Cash never felt like he measured up to his older brother, and harbors a longstanding flame for his brother’s wife, Missy, the one who got away. Cash is a Veteran Marine who seeks to support his family by taking on the mantel of becoming a championship bull rider himself. When it comes to the ranch, Cash is all in and will do what he needs to for the future of his family.

Meet Cash

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Jake Foy stars as Tuff McMurray

Tuff is the youngest McMurray brother, and a fierce protector of the family that he loves so much. Tuff is a man of many hats: he protects his brother in the ring by being his bull fighter, he is the Foreman of the ranch, and he’s also an aspiring musician. He always puts his passions on the backburner to make sure his family is safe and secure, but is open to new connections in his personal life.

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Sara Garcia stars as Valeria Galindo

Valeria is a ranch-hand turned right hand to Isabel McMurray. She turned up mysteriously to the ranch when she was just a teenager, but after years of hard work, she became one of Isabel’s most trusted allies and the daughter she never had. Valeria has a mysterious past that threatens to catch up to her at every turn. Though her past comes into question, there is no doubt about how much Valeria loves her time with the McMurrays and works hard to continually prove her value and worth.

Valeria Returns - Ride

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Tyler Jacob Moore stars as Gus Booker

Gus is the rich son of an oil baron with a square jawline that could cut a diamond, and a charm so sweet it might rot your teeth. As a longstanding admirer of Missy’s rodeo career, Gus arrives to McMurray ranch looking to invest as a means to divest from his family’s wealth. However, he faces blowback from many on the ranch who worry about a rich interloper buying up their land, and tensions run especially high between he and Cash.

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