Paige’s Holiday Gift Wrapping Hacks

Save Money & Time on Gift Boxes - If you want to save time and money on packaging your gifts, don’t go to the store and spend unnecessary money on gift boxes. Use your old cereal boxes!  Follow the pattern below:

Never lose your spot with your tape again - While you are wrapping your gift box with your favorite wrapping paper, don’t lose your spot with your tape.  It’s annoying to try to find where your tape is on the ream and then even more annoying to pick the tape up off the roll.  Place a sandwich baggie tab, penny, or even a paper clip at the end of the roll of tape to create a grab tab and never lose your spot again!

Save Money on and Personalize Name Tags - You’ve sent out your holiday cards for the season and have left overs?  Save money by cutting your own nametags out of your left over cards and personalize your packages!  You can use shaped paper punches, or scissors.

Easy, Wrinkle-free Storage for Wrapping Paper – Use an umbrella stand or a 5-gallon paint bucket and store your wrapping paper upright.  If you have leftover wrapping paper and don’t want to wrinkle it, roll it up and thread it through a toilet paper cardboard roll.  The toilet paper roll will hold the paper’s form and you can store it in your umbrella stand along with the rest of your paper. No more wasting wrapping paper and money on replacing damaged paper!

Tangle Free Ribbon - Your box is wrapped and ready for ribbon.  Never get your ribbon tangled again by organizing your spools of ribbon on a paper towel holder.  You’ll save money not replacing knotted up ribbon, and it’s clear what ribbons you have in stock!

Use Holiday Décor as Gift Decoration – Every piece of garland is put together by individual sprigs that can be detached from the strand.   Take a few sprigs from your garland and tie them to your package with your ribbon!  One strand of garland can decorate hundreds of gifts!

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