Modern Hairstyling with Debbie Matenopoulos

Modern Waves How-To:

Materials: flat iron, curling iron

  1. Section hair ear to ear.
  2. Start on 1 side and section that area off too.
  3. Curl sections away from the face, wrap curls around barrel for 10 seconds at a time.
  4. Once curls are done straighten the ends with a flat iron.

Lobster Tail Braid How-To

  1. Brush out hair so it's smooth (the smoother the hair, the more you'll be able to see details).
  2. Make into a smooth ponytail, wrap hair around elastic band and secure with bobby pin.
  3. Put wax into hand to help control fly aways during styling.
  4. Grab section on the right of the pony tail, braid a few times.
  5. Grab underneath from the left side in thin sections.
  6. Pull thin sections on the left to the right and incorporate into braiding.
  7. Braid as far down as you can and secure to pony tail with an elastic band.
  8. And make sure you follow Debbie on Twitter @iamdebbie!

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