Katie Cazorla's Tips To Create A Textured Football Manicure

How To Create A Textured Football Manicure

  • Have your nails painted a reddish brown.
  • Take a few drops of the same reddish brown nail polish, drop next to workspace.
  • Dip the smallest end of the nail dotter in the nail polish and dot entire nail.
  • Take nail art brush and, using white polish, draw half moon shaped at the base of the cuticle and half moon shape at the top of your nail, starting at the free edge, curling up and then back to the free edge, then draw the line with the laces.
  • Apply dry clear coat to seal it in.

Tips For Maintaining Detailed Manicures/Nail Art:

You definitely need a good top coat because that’s what seals in the nail art. There are so many good ones made specifically for nail art. Avoid using fast drying ones. Only use fast drying ones if you’re in a super hurry. You want one that’s a bit thicker.

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