Mark Steines has a DY that wine lovers will love.


  • 1x6 wood panel
  • 1x2 wood panel
  • Cork sheet
  • Glue
  • Wood Glue
  • Nail gun/Hammer
  • Nails

DIY Wine Rack - Home & Family


1) Cut the 1x6 to 34 1⁄2 inches. This will be the base of the wine rack

2) Cut the remaining 1x6 board into 4 3inch sections. This will act as the shelves

3) Cut the 1x2 into 4 51⁄2inch sections. This will act as the lip to the shelves

4) Starting from the bottom of the base, add your first shelf. Glue and nail into place

5) Repeat the above step every 8inches until you have 4 shelves.

6) Glue and nail the lip onto front edge of each shelf. This prevents wine from sliding of shelf

7) Stain wood (optional)

8) Add index frames to each shelf using glue and nails (optional)

9) Add cork sheet to bottom of shelf (optional)

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