Transporting Thanksgiving Dinner on a Budget with Linda Koopersmith

How to Transport a Turkey:

• Cardboard box
• Newspapers, 4 big bath towels • Roaster How To:
Transport cooked turkey in a roaster with a lid, in a cardboard box on the floor of the car.
• put wadded up newspaper, and towels inside a cardboard box. • food wrapped in newspaper absorbs moisture & provides insulation. • food wrapped in towels provides insulation and helps if there are spills. Tips:
• Hot Food - Coordinate time food is done with walking out the door.
• Store hot foods on the floor of your car.
What About Cold Foods?

• Empty almond milk or soup containers
• Wet towel frozen in freezer inside a plastic bag • Rubber shelf liner • Aluminum foil How To:
• make your own freezer ice blocks with 1 quart semi-soft containers like soup or almond milk containers.
• freeze a wet towel in a plastic bag to wrap around food container wrap dish in aluminum foil and icey towel. • use rubber shelf liner to keep food from sliding around in a box or on the floor of your car while traveling ($4.99). What About Dessert?
Make your own pie and cupcake carriers instead of purchasing expensive ones that take up space in your kitchen.
• Pizza box
• Stock pot • Gaffer's tape • Dinner plates How to:

For transporting holiday cupcakes:
• Use a pizza box to & cut crosses into the lid for placing cupcakes.
For transporting pies:
• Use a stock pot for transporting 4-5 pies.
• Use tape to make 2" tabs. • place 2 tabs on each plate. • lower the first plate upside down into pot with pie on it. • continue lowering plates and pies. • use tabs as handles to remove the pies.

Transporting Thanksgiving Dinner

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