Throw Your Own Doggie Easter Egg Hunt with Laura Nativo!

How to throw your own Doggie Easter Egg Hunt:
Plan a Doggie Easter Egg Hunt for your own dogs, or your family and friends in the neighborhood. A nice idea would be to use it as a fundraiser, where everyone donates a bag of food or money to your local shelter!
Hide plastic eggs around the yard for the dogs to find. Place treats in the plastic eggs. It’s loads of fun for canines and people! It's a real family event. Each dog gets an Easter basket to fill up (thanks to a little help from a human companion). Show each dog an egg and make sure that they know there is a treat inside so they know what’s in store for them when we go into the yard. They find the eggs with their noses. Then the eggs are turned in for prizes. Things to Consider:
Make sure you are aware of dietary needs or allergies of your doggie guests, and choose treats for the eggs accordingly! Use a very small piece so that no one gets sick. Each handler must use their best judgment and be careful not to let your dog eat too many treats. Dogs should not work on an empty stomach, because if they are too hungry, they may be more prone to food guarding issues.
All dogs should be on-leash UNLESS they are in a fenced in area, AND all of the dogs should already have a strong bond and no food aggression issues. Dogs should be on harnesses, since we are actually encouraging the dogs to 'FIND IT' which means pulling, we want to be careful of the dogs' necks! Find The Fairy Dog Mother at and follow her on Twitter @LauraNativo

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