Flowerpot People with Tanya Memme

Tools needed:

  • Two 6" pots (head and body)
  • Six 2 ¾" pots (medium) (for the arms)
  • Six 1 ¾" pots (tiny) (for the legs)
  • Acrylic paints
  • Waterproof or resistant rope
  • Glue gun and sticks
  • Clear spray protective varnish (semi gloss finish)
  • Popsicle stick
  • Scissors
  • Potting plants/potting soil
  • Two googly eyes
  • Beads/accessories of your choice


  1. Take one 6" pot to create the face. I used googly eyes and a red bead for the nose and painted on the mouth. You can paint on the whole face if you like.
  2. With the other pot, Drill two holes with a Dremmel along the top rim of the clay pot about 2" apart. These holes are for the rope for the legs. (I drilled the holes later on in the process but realized it's easier to do it before painting the body)
  3. Then turn the pot upside down and paint the "clothing" on the body. Here I painted 3/4th of the pot blue and added buttons (beads) and painted on a side pocket to create a shirt.
  4. Cut off 2" or so piece of the Popsicle stick and tie the rope around it like so. Make sure you have about 10" of rope on either end.
  5. String both sides of the rope through the hole in bottom of the pot that has the face on it. This will secure the rope in place.
  6. Place it on top of the body and dangle the two pieces of rope on either side to create the arms.
  7. Take three of the smallest pots and glue them together in place as if the arms were bending. String the rope through the holes. Then tie a knot at the end and add extra glue so the rope stays in place and clogs the hole.
  8. Glue the arms in place along the side of the body. And glue the head on the body securely.
  9. Take a piece of rope and string it through the two holes at the bottom of the "shirt" on the body to create the legs.
  10. **REPEAT STEP 7 FOR THE LEGS but no need to glue them together or in place.
  11. The three pots on each leg will dangle on the rope as is. Just make sure the knot under the last pot is large enough so it doesn't slip through the holes causing the pots to fall off.
  12. Spray with a clear Acrylic coating to weatherproof the pots and give it a finished professional look.
  13. Place colorful and fun plants to create the hair!

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