Aneela Zaman's Tips for Relationship Success

  1. Dating is a discovery period. If you imagine that the idea of dating is about discovering other people and seeing how much you ‘click’ and whether you have enough going on to forge a relationship, this period is for you to learn about one another…even if what you learn is bad news.
  2. Contrary to popular opinion, the key thing that you will need to find out is whether you share common values this is what will take you from dating into a bonafide relationship. If you rely on sexual chemistry and common interests and forget to discover whether you share common values, you will find yourself being bemused as to why someone you ‘seem’ to get along with so well doesn’t translate into a relationship.
  3. Don’t start acting like you’re in a relationship when you’re are just dating. Slow your roll! You’re going too fast! If you do this, you will expect as if you’re in a relationship when you don’t actually know each other enough to be able to do this. You will make the other person nervy if you go into girlfriend or even ‘wifey’ mode when you’ve not established whether you’re in a relationship. Don’t assume the position!
  4. Remember to act like you’re worthy and in the same league. Do not put people on a pedestal because the only place for them to look at you is from above, which means you are beneath them.this creates a dangerous, imbalanced relationship that is difficult to recover from. Be careful of getting dazzled by someone and in awe of them as it may make you blind to the reality plus it puts undue pressure on them creating expectations that they cannot live up to.

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