Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

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Monica Lacy Interview

The actress visits Home & Family to talk about her new Amazon series, “The Kicks,” where she plays the character Susan Burke and draws comparisons to her real life and the character she plays. The series is based on the books by Alex Morgan, which set positive examples for young boys and girls. She even shares childhood stories of growing up as one of a set of triplets.

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Tailgate Rib-Eye Steaks - Home & Family

Tailgate Food

NFL star, Corey Liuguet is in the kitchen whipping up some savory food that you can prepare at your next tailgate party. The San Diego Charger football player is cooking ribeye steaks with Debbie. He even shares his recent accomplishment: completing college, which is a promise he made his mother, after leaving school early to play professional football.

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Body Repair Solutions - Home & Family

Body Repair Solutions

Kym Douglas is showing you how to take care of your bod using all-natural and affordable ingredients. This includes taking care of your feet, hands and elbows with warm milk and banana peels.

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DIY Kid’s Desk

With his kids going back to school, Ken was inspired to make them their own art desk out of an old cupboard. The desk works for kids of all ages who have a creative streak and need a work station to express it. This entire DIY will cost you $37.

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Deena Burnett Interview

Deena Burnett sits down Mark and Debbie to talk about her deceased husband Tom Burnett, who was on Flight 93 on September 11th. She opens up about that terrible day in history and talking to her husband one last time while he was on the plane, before he helped take down the hijackers over a Pennsylvania field. She also talks about life after 9/11, including dealing with the FBI and press.

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How To Get Your Kids Cleaned Up

Lifestyle expert Rachel Hollis is back offering tips for teaching kids to pick up after themselves. She creates a “toy jail” that she puts left out toys in for 24 hours. She also is a firm believer of clean-up bins that are personalized for each child.

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Dining Room Vision Board

Home App’s Madeline Fraser is back to reveal her vision board for the Home & Family dining room.

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DIY Seashell Wreath - Home & Family

DIY Nautical Seashell Wreath

Inspired by Hallmark Channel’s Original Series, “Chesapeake Shores,” Orly Shani is making a nautical-themed seashell wreath. She points out that this is a great way to use those seashells you might have collected at the beach over the summer.

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Healthy Lattes - Home & Family

Healthy Lattes

Sophie Uliano is back in the kitchen and she is introducing you two some healthy lattes you can make at home. This includes natural alternatives to caffeinated coffee and adding turmeric to your latte to help combat arthritis.

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