Wednesday, May 8th, 2019

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Paul Greene talks When Call the Heart & new album - Home & Family

Paul Greene

Actor Paul Greene stops by Home & Family to talk about Sunday’s all-new episode of Hallmark Channel’s Original Series, “When Calls the Heart,” which you can watch at 9/8c. He discusses his character Carson’s love life and talks about how it develops this season. Paul also opens up about his special relationship with his mother, who he talks to everyday. After the interview, Paul performs his song, “I Remember” from his new album, “Freedom For Your Soul.”

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Rainbow Explosion Cake - Home & Family

Rainbow Explosion Cake

Owner of “Flour Shop,” Amirah Kassem is in the kitchen making a beautiful and colorful cake. She says that the cake looks complicated but promises you that it is not. She recommends using a gel based food coloring for your cake because that will give you the most vibrant color. She puts a homemade cream cheese frosting in between her cake layers to keep the dessert together. When done, layer the cake with sprinkles.

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DIY Dandelion Paperweights

Paige Hemmis is showing you a fun way to enjoy blooming flowers all year long with these DIY dandelion paperweights. She chose dandelions because they represent the changing of seasons and they symbolize strength. The resin has a powerful smell to it, so make sure to create your project outside, if possible.

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Thom Filicia

Interior designer Thom Filicia visits Home & Family share with you some of his favorite home makeover secrets for those on a budget. He says you should start with the lighting in your home. He also recommends a fresh coat of paint to help open up a room. When it comes to spending money, Thom suggests splurging on anchor pieces in your rooms. For example, a bed, sofa and dining room table.

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2019 Graduation Gifts

Kym Douglas is introducing you to some of her favorite gift ideas to present to that graduate in your life.

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Nathan Parsons visits - Home & Family

Nathan Parsons

Actor Nathan Parsons sits down with Cameron and Debbie to talk about his Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “A Feeling of Home,” which premieres Saturday, May 11th at 9/8c. He brings a clip from the movie for the audience to enjoy. The movie takes place on a Texan ranch, which was a natural setting for Nathan to work in since he grew up in Texas! He also talks about his favorite BBQ joints in his home state.

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Cheesy Bacon Chicken with Honey Mustard Dressing - Home & Family

Cheesy Bacon Chicken with Honey Mustard Dressing

Author of “Eat What You Love,” Marlene Koch is making a delicious chicken dish packed with flavor. In her cookbook, she takes famous restaurant recipes and creates a healthier version of them. Today, she is making a cheesy bacon chicken with a homemade honey mustard dressing, which was influenced by a menu item at a famous steakhouse. The best part about her recipes is that even though they are lower in calories, the portion sizes are still very generous.

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DIY Summer Sunglass Cases - Home & Family

DIY Summer Sunglass Cases

Orly Shani is getting ready for summertime with this DIY for your sunglasses. She admits that she is always losing her sunglasses, but when she keeps them in a fun and colorful case, she can now locate them easier. She is making two types of cases today, a round sunglass case that resembles a watermelon and a rectangular sunglass case that resembles grass, sky and clouds.

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Melissa Gratias

Best selling author Melissa Gratias visits Home & Family to talk about her first children’s book, “Seraphina Does Everything.” The messaging from the book is that happiness comes from inner peace and stillness, rather than filling your time with constant activity. In real life, she hopes she displays this kind of peaceful life for her own kids, without limiting their experiences.

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Mother’s Day Roses Two Ways

Founder and CEO of Pave Fleur Lilit Khatchaturian is getting you ready for Mother’s Day by showing you how to elevate store-bought roses. The first technique she teaches you is reflexing, which is about giving roses a fresh new look by opening up the petals, to make them appear fuller. She also teaches you how to put together trendy rose boxes using an ordinary gift box from a craft store.

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