Suzanne Somers Interview - Home & Family

Suzanne Somers Interview

Suzanne Somers talks about her 25th book, “Tox-Sick” and gives the audience tips on how they can live a healthier lifestyle. Some of those tips include switching to organic foods and skincare products. She also advises switching to toxic-free household cleaners and adding more probiotics to your diet. Suzanne herself has eliminated sugar and grains from her diet. Suzanne is also gearing up for her Las Vegas show “Suzanne Sizzles” opening May 23rd at the Westgate Last Vegas Resort & Casino. Later, Suzanne heads to the kitchen to prepare Basil Parsley Pesto Pasta and granita! You can pick up Suzanne's new book at online bookstores.

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Zoe McLellan Stops By

Actress Zoe McLellan sits down with Mark and Cristina to talk about her role on NCIS: New Orleans and her role off-screen: being a mom. Zoe opens up about the challenges of raising a son on her own, which she says makes her tougher on screen; she even does her own stunts! Zoe says the the city of New Orleans is the lead character of her show and the city welcomed the show with open arms.

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All About Mom

Kym Douglas gives you some great Mother’s Day Gift ideas that include silverware, jewelry, handbags and purses! Kym points out that Mark is both the mother and the father to his two boys and the handbags are masculine enough for him to enjoy. This leads to Mark modeling one of the bags for the show! Kym points out that all the items mentioned can be rush delivered, but need to be ordered today to arrive in time for Mother’s Day.

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Baby Bling - Home & Family

Baby Bling

Tanya Memme shows you how to bling up your baby’s wardrobe without breaking your wallet. She decorates shoes for under $35. She says the main thing you need is Fabric Fusion to help glue the feathers to the shoes. You can also add rhinestones using a Crystal Glue Pen. She says let the glue dry for 30 minutes before putting them on. She also makes her own shoelaces for the shoes, using fancy ribbons.

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Raising Kids to Thrive

The author of “Raising Kids to Thrive,” Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg talks to the parents on Home & Family. Kenneth explains that “Helicopter” parenting can make kids anxious and afraid to fail. He advises to look past immediate goals to raise successful children who are tenacious, resilient, empathetic and innovative. The doctor also believes kids should have navigational skills and parents should love their child unconditionally, but keep your expectations high. You can pick up Dr. Ginsburg's book at online bookstores.

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DIY Faux Pedestal Table - Home & Family

DIY Faux Pedestal Table

Ken Wingard takes items bought at his local hardware store and makes a faux pedestal table. You even buy the shelf at your hardware store.

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Hallmark Channel's Adoption Ever After - Home & Family

Hallmark Pet Project

Dr. Kwane Stewart stops by to talk about Be Kind to Animals Week, which is from May 3rd-9th, and is the longest-running, most successful humane education campaign in America, going back to 1915! The goal is to educate the importance of being aware of kindness. Kwane is even joined by Hallmark Channel’s Pet Ambassador, Happy the Dog! Mark and Cristina take the Kindness 100 Pledge. The goal is to get one million people to take the pledge.

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DIY Distressed Terra Cotta Pots - Home & Family

DIY Distressed Terra Cotta Pots

Designer and author Kelly Edwards shows you a great Mother’s Day gift idea, making your own Terra Cotta pots. She emphasizes you don’t need to be an artist to do this project. She also encourages you to use any color you want with paint.

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