Kevin Sorbo Stops By
While Mark is out on vacation, Kevin Sorbo stops by to join Cristina in the co-host chair. He talks about his 17 year marriage and his three children, who are all in the audience. Kevin has been working more on faith based movies and even wrote a new memoir “True Strength.” Kevin now spends a lot of time on his charity, World Fit For Kids, that focuses on education and at-risk youth.

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Tamara Tunie Interview - Home & Family

Tamara Tunie Interview

Actress Tamara Tunie talks to Cristina and Kevin about her role on the longtime NBC drama “Law & Order: SVU.” Tamara shares that she was originally supposed to be in just one episode of the hit show, but ended up playing the role of Melinda Warner for over 14 seasons! Tamara is also preparing for the second season of “The Red Road” on Sundance TV, alongside Jason Mamoa. During her free time, the actress works with “Figure Skating in Harlem,” a program that educates girls and teaches life skills through figure skating in the Harlem community.

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Egg Mornay on English Muffins - Home & Family

Egg Mornay on English Muffins

Chef Ellamarie Fortenbach is in the Home & Family kitchen cooking up a breakfast of Egg Mornay on an English Muffin. Ellamarie looks at cooking as a way of bonding families and connecting people. Cooking has been important to Ellamarie’s families for years and her grandfather even had his own charity in which he helped feed the homeless. It is a family affair when she enlists the help of the Sorbo family when preparing today’s breakfast dish. Don't forget to check out Ellamarie's book "Cooking with Ellamarie, Celebrities and Kids" at your local book store!

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Do It Yourself Bushel Wreath - Home & Family

DIY Bushel Wreath

Ken Wingard is back and this time he is showing you how to make your very own Bushel Wreath. Ken uses bright colors like yellows and purples to represent spring. The whole DIY project costs as little as $15!

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Getting Fit with Denise Austin

Fitness Expert Denise Austin brings along her daughter Katie to show you how to get a great workout in just 30 minutes a day. Katie says it has always been a dream to work with her mom and here she is doing it! Katie also has a book coming out about fitness and positive self-esteem. Denise says the key to weight loss success is finding a doable plan.

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Kym’s Easter Fashion Show

Kym puts on a fabulous kids’ Easter fashion show for Home & Family with all the clothes courtesy of M.Fredric. Kym’s picks for the kids are perfect for church and going out with the friends. The colors reflect perfectly for the Easter holiday, too. Kevin’s own kids participate in Kym’s fashion show.

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Oreo Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Glaze - Home & Family

Cristina Cooks!

Cristina has the perfect dessert for your sweet tooth: Oreo Cake with Bittersweet Chocolate Glaze. Cristina decided to bake the Oreo cake for when Mark returns from vacation this week because Oreos are his favorite kind of cookies! She advises you to have a glass of milk handy because the cake is so rich in flavor.

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Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coach Tracie Kesatie sits down with Debbie to explain the benefits of sleep training your baby. Tracie advises to letting your baby learn self soothing early on and to remember that a baby should take an average of 15 minutes to fall asleep. It is also very important to create a sleep schedule and stick to it! Tracie is also a huge advocate of naps because it will help a baby sleep through the night.

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Coffee Filter Angel Wings

Tanya Memme shows you how to make a pair of angel wings using coffee filters. You can get as creative as you want and customize the wings for how you want them to look. Tanya brings in a photo of Ava sporting the wings and the results are angelic and beautiful.

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Adopting a Puppy - Home & Family

Adopting a Puppy
Dr. Kwane Stewart and Marc Peralta talk to Home & Family about what to consider when adopting a puppy. They advise to remember that a puppy needs a lot supervision, time and care, much like if you were bringing a toddler home. You also need to arrange vaccinations for your puppy as soon as you adopt it to protect it from Parvo virus. The experts also fully supportive of crate training citing that it is an effective way to potty train your puppy.

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