Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

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Jason Kennedy Interview - Home & Family

Jason Kennedy Interview
Jason Kennedy has covered the hottest Hollywood red carpets and interviewed celebrities for over 15 years with the E! network. His new show, “In the Room” takes interviews to the next level with in-depth candid convos with celebrities including Chris Pratt and more.

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Alex Hitz - Orange Bourbon Pound Cake - Home & Family

Alex Hitz – Orange Bourbon Pound Cake
Named The Wall Street Journal’s best party host in world, celebrity Chef Alex Hitz does it all with style from hosting to launching his own food line. He shows Cameron how to make a sweet and buttery Orange Bourbon Pound Cake.

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Tie-Dye Basics
Tie-dye has made a splashy comeback making this style of clothing expensive in store. This trend is here to stay so Orly Shani shows us an inexpensive way to create your own tie-dye pieces at home.

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Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary – Sound Medicine
Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary, author of “Sound Medicine,” explains the impact sound has on our heath. She shares how mantras and being aware of sound pollution can help us heal. “Sound Medicine” is available wherever books are sold.

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DIY Homemade Body Oil - Home & Family

DIY Homemade Body Oil
When it comes to your skin, adding the right oils is essential. Skin is our biggest organ, so we want to apply natural ingredients. Ali Manno helps us create our own homemade body oils.

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Pet Adoption
Penelope is a two-year-old Maltese mix. This little powder puff may only have three legs, but she is still spunky and active.

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Scarlett has been looking for a forever home for a very long time. She is terrier mix around 6 or 7 years old. She is a great girl, with great energy.

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Alex Snodgrass - Braised Pork Loin
Alex Snodgrass is known for her simple and healthy recipes. The New York Times best-selling author and founder of “The Defined Dish” blog, joins Debbie in the kitchen to make a braised Pork Loin. The recipe was inspired by a visit to Spain.

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DIY Wood Slice Wall Clock
You won’t forget to Spring forward in the future as Paige Hemmis shows how to create a DIY Wood Slice Wall Clock. Bringing wood into your home décor adds a beautiful rustic look.

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Orly Shani & Brandi Milloy – Momhood
DIY and Lifestyle experts Orly Shani and Brandi Milloy have joined forces to help moms navigate the unique waters of parenting with their new podcast “Momhood.” Through conversations on the podcast they hope to help women realize moms are all different and it’s okay to own those differences.

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How to Mix & Match Prints
Floral, plaid and stripes are always fun to wear. Lawrence Zarian helps us find the line between flashy and perfectly paired when mixing and matching prints.


• INC Wash Tie-Neck Denim Top

• Free People Navy Giselle Midi Skirt

• DKNY Black/Gold Paige Small Leopard Satchel

• Available at Macy’s


• Treasure & Bond White-Pink Lily Plaid Boyfriend Shirt

• AFRM Pink/Plaid Cosa Belted Plaid Blazer

• Charter Club Atlantic Wash Bristol Skinny Ankle Jeans

• Available at Macy’s & Nordstrom


• Vince Camuto Caviar Striped Turtleneck Top

• Inc Regal Blossom Printed Culottes

• Available at Macy’s

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Animal Volunteer Vacations
It is hard to believe but Spring is days away. If you are thinking about taking a vacay, Larissa has tips to include fun and easy animal rescue activities into your trip. You can make your trip memorable by exploring the city, hiking or doing a sleepover and more with a shelter pet.

Bamboo Tours, Costa Rica, Sea Turtle Conservation,

Animal Aid Unlimited, India, Street Animal Rescue,

Wildlife Friends Foundation, Thailand,

  • Wildlife Rescue Center

  • Elephant Refuge

  • Wildlife Hospital

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