Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

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Missi Pyle

The comedic actress Missi Pyle visits Home & Family to talk about her new film, “Miles,” which opens in theaters and on VOD on Friday, June 9th. Missi is also a musician and talks about her love for singing. She describes her experiences with parenthood and explains how adopting her daughter Zooey Rose has changed her life.

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Ham Steaks with Sweet Potato Tater Tots - Home & Family

Ham Steaks with Sweet Potato Tater Tots and Blueberry Sorghum

The author of “The Butcher Babe,” Loreal Gavin is in the kitchen making a sweet and savory dish of ham steaks with blueberry sorghum and pairing it with delicious sweet potato tater tots. She suggests using a fork to mash the sweet potato if you don’t have a masher. Chill the sweet potato mixture in the freezer to make sure it will hold shape.

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DIY Bridal Shoulder Jewelry - Home & Family

DIY Bridal Shoulder Jewelry

With wedding season upon us, Orly Shani is introducing you to shoulder jewelry which is the latest bridal trend. She recommends checking out your local second-shops for fun vintage jewelry. Use a string for the structure of the jewelry design for this DIY.

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Camping with Wild Animals

Animal expert and co-host of “Pet Talk,” David Mizejewski is back with two animal handlers, Kim Wright and Jackie Navarro. Together, they talk about the joys of camping with family this summer, but also introduce you to some wild animals you may run into during these outdoor adventures.

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What You Need When Buying Your First Home

Paige Hemmis is breaking down what you need to know if you are a first time home buyer, including what to look for in a realtor and credit checks.

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Alice Braga

Actress Alice Braga stops by to talk to Debbie and Mark about the return of her USA drama, “Queen of the South,” which airs Thursday at 10/9c. She also opens up about the backstory of her series and how it used to be a book and a telenovela. She notes that the show is committed to not “glamorizing” drug use.

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DIY Peg Board - Home & Family

DIY Peg Board

Ken Wingard is taking plywood, dowels, a drill bit, trim and nails and turning them into a DIY peg board. Get your plywood pre-cut when purchasing, creating a 6-inch grid and use 3-inch wood trim to make the shelves. The entire cost of this project is just $30.

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Chloe Mondesir

Actress and veteran Chloe Mondesir talks about her Fox series, “American Grit,” which premieres Sunday, June 11th at 9/8c. She describes her own service in the military, which included transporting 30,000 tons of ammunition during her deployment in Iraq.

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Pool Party Make-Up

Celebrity make-up artist Trey Jensen is giving you some helpful make-up tips for your next pool party. This includes choosing one feature to make pop and applying lip shimmer to the center of your lips. Rey also says his favorite waterproof foundation to check out is Revlon ColorStay and Jouer Crayon is his favorite waterproof lipliner.

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Aquarium Cookies - Home & Family

Aquarium Cookies

Mommy blogger Kristin Smith is in the kitchen baking a kid-friendly treat, aquarium cookies. She recommends chilling the dough beforehand to keep its shape when you bake them. After baking, let the cookies set in the fridge for 15 minutes before serving.

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